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Window Treatments From Our Prairieville Home Remodel Store

Attaining the perfect interior design with window treatments is easier than you might think—especially when you have plenty of options to explore. At Halpin’s Flooring America, we provide a seamless approach to completing your home remodeling projects. As a leading showroom for window coverings in Prairieville, LA, our business empowers property owners to realize their ideal bedrooms, kitchens, common areas, and more. With our vast selection of window treatments, your options are virtually limitless. Visit our Prairieville, Louisiana home design & flooring showroom today and discover new window treatments for your home!

What Are Window Treatments?

Window treatments, also known as coverings, are remodeling mainstays. They attach to your windows to accent your interior design—they can even unify your aesthetics so that your room appears complete. Further, window treatments serve a variety of practical and functional purposes, such as adding privacy, maintaining indoor temperatures, and filtering light. 

When you are ready to realize your interior design to the fullest; come see us. Our showroom has teamed up with the leading brands to provide a wide-ranging catalog of shutters, blinds, shades, and more. We also offer custom drapery, where you can pick the color and style to match your flooring and walls. Whatever your needs, we have your windows covered!

What Are The Benefits of Window Coverings?

When you are looking to purchase blinds, shades, shutters, curtains, or drapes, it's important to think about both function and style preferences. At Halpin’s Flooring America, we are here to guide you in your purchase decision to you can enjoy lasting satisfaction. There are distinct advantages to adding window coverings, such as:

  • Temperature Control: Natural sunlight is great, but too much of a good thing can also get irritating. The sun’s rays also create uncomfortable hot spots in rooms. Items like shutters and blinds allow you to control the amount of light entering a room, which can also keep indoor temperatures at cooler levels—and all without needing to turn on your air conditioning.
  • Design Flexibility: A well-coordinated living space can provide feelings of comfort and relaxation, putting occupants at ease. Coverings on your windows allow you to mix and match to create the ideal living space. Blinds, drapes, and shutters are available in a variety of colors, styles, and designs.
  • UV Protection: While sunlight may feel good, the ultraviolet radiation it emits can be dangerous to people and property alike. The UV radiation can damage skin and contribute to cancer--and it can even discolor and fade furniture and flooring. Shades, shutters, and blinds can add a degree of UV protection, allowing you to enjoy the light on your terms while protecting people and your prized possessions.
  • Privacy: Privacy is a priority for our Louisiana homeowners, and adding window treatments is an important step to feeling safe in secure. With our window treatments, you can get the perfect mix of privacy when you need it and natural light when you want it!

Enhance Your Home's Interior Design with Window Coverings 

Personalize your rooms and establish a distinctive ambiance with stylish and functional window coverings at Halpin’s Flooring America. We all know that natural sunlight is a perfect way to brighten up your rooms and make them warmer—however, bare windows are unsightly and can make your walls look awkward and sparse in comparison. That’s where window treatments prove their worth. 

With a variety of colors, styles, and materials, you’ll enjoy a clean look that enhances your already existing interior design. Not sure what would work best in your space? Don’t worry! Our knowledgeable team has the product knowledge and design expertise to help you choose the perfect window coverings for your space!

Other Custom Home Remodeling Services Available

With so many remodeling options to explore, you have the power to create spaces you will love. Arrange a consultation with our home remodelers today and discover the possibilities! Our team is highly knowledgeable about and experienced with many aspects of interior design. We’ll turn your remodeling ideas into a reality with our custom services, including:

  • Custom Draperies
  • Custom Upholstery
  • Custom Bedding

Contact us to learn more about our window treatment selections! We proudly serve Prairieville and Baton Rouge, LA, as well as the surrounding areas.

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